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Traditional African art -- known familiarly as African "Tribal" Art -- is a predominantly classical visual poetics anchored in ritual practice and demarcated in time from the Nok archeological period through approximately the mid twentieth century. It is historical and finite. Traditional African art does not include the copious simulated and spurious commodities made for tourists, un-tutored collectors and those with an appetite for facile decorative exotica.


Riveted by African art since first exposed to the collection at the Detroit Institute of Arts in the 1950's, I began collecting while traveling in Europe, subsequently transfroming my passion into a thirty year career.as a private, full-time dealer with the selfsame commitment to works of rigorous authenticity and uncommon aesthetic distinction.


Should you have interests that are not addressed in the objects, genres and cultures represented here currently, please contact me. If you have objects for sale, please contact me with the details (photographs always expedite a response).